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Genderchanger Hardware Crash Course live now!

October 1, 2007

It’s so beautiful to be in Berlin and hear Donna’s voice explain from Amsterdam about the stupidities of hardware terms from my vlc. It’ll be done monthly, she says, so try to listen (and watch) in:

To view the stream you can do two things:
* install a media player plug-in for your browser, that can play the .ogg
file format
* install VLC media player on your computer

If you don't have VLC yet, download and install it (it works on all
platforms.... Linux, Mac, Window$):
During the installation you can choose to also install the Mozilla
plug-in, which will make it possible to view the stream in Firefox if you

Once installed and running go to:
File -> Open Network Stream -> HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS -> URL ->

More about the Genderchangers Computer Hardware Crash Course..


feminist bullsh*t

October 1, 2007

No, there is no gender discrimination in tech. We’re all the same. Nobody really understands why it is that there are so few women in tech, esp. FLOSS.

Just another stupid comment to Carla Schroeders My Fabulous Geek Career, linked to from

You know, I’m thinking about subscribing, but these random, feminist bullsh*t articles are becoming frequent enough to really hurt the signal-to-noise ratio of the site. Why does this crap keep getting posted?

And what was it she wrote?

[You] definitely need a thick skin in the FOSS world. It’s a self-selected group, so it’s chock-full of mavericks, the socially-inept, just plain trolls, and all manner of folks who don’t understand the importance of courtesy and respect.